Our services

Parking structures

As experts, we carry out maintenance and building inspections in the lead-up to a repair or damage assessment. We will be happy to advise you on the various options for concrete repairs for maintaining your multi-storey car park or underground car park.



Operating an installation for handling substances hazardous to water is subject to various obligations. Typically, such installations have to be inspected prior to commissioning or at regular intervals.

As experts, we carry out the required inspections for you in accordance with the AwSV. No matter whether you are planning or rehabilitating your sealed surface, we will assist you from the start and ensure compliance with the requirements of the Water Resources Act (WHG).



A high level of specialist knowledge is required to successfully build structures. We train your personnel on the various building materials such as concrete, asphalt, mastic asphalt as well as on the disposal of contaminated materials. In addition, we offer you training for certification as a specialist company in accordance with ยง 62 AwSV.


Logistics areas

We advise you on the planning of your logistics areas in asphalt, concrete, block paving and semi-rigid surface course designs. We will be pleased to assist you as experts in planning, during construction and in the event of a damage assessment.


Civil engineering structures

We are happy to support you in the treatment of concrete surfaces, the application of polymer bitumen membranes or liquid plastics and the laying of mastic asphalt. As experts, we provide consulting services for the planning phase, during construction and in the event of a damage assessment.



We provide sensor solutions for your traffic and engineering structures to measure the temperature in the asphalt surfacing or concrete slabs and to monitor those layers. Our acceleration sensors can measure the actual traffic load.