Civil engineering structures

Waterproofing of civil engineering structures

Tunnels and troughs are classic civil engineering structures as are concrete and steel bridges. Bridge and tunnel structures, in particular, form an important part of the traffic infrastructure. The increase in heavy traffic is constantly placing higher loads on bridges and tunnels. Added to this are the stresses from environmental impacts, such as humidity, temperature fluctuations and chlorides. A large number of bridges in Germany are at the end of their useful life or show damage in need of renovation. Each bridge and tunnel structure has different boundary conditions, i.e. each repair is basically like a new construction and requires tailor-made solutions. The standard construction methods of the Supplementary Technical Contract Conditions and Civil Engineering Guidelines (ZTV-ING) apply in such cases. In the event of a necessary repair, we are available for a damage diagnosis including the necessary structural tests. During construction, we supervise the work to be carried out, such as concrete preparation, concrete treatment, repair with concrete replacement systems, polymer bitumen membranes, liquid plastic and the laying of mastic asphalt, thus guaranteeing the quality assurance for your structure.

In the event of any damage to the waterproofing, we carry out a damage analysis for you.

In order to reduce the construction time and thus the amount of traffic congestion, fast and innovative construction methods have been developed for the waterproofing of structures. We were and still are extensively involved in research and development into these construction methods consisting of a porous asphalt mix with a high air void content which is subsequently saturated with HANV Rapid Solution and sealed with a polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) reaction resin.

We are happy to advise you during the planning and the construction phases.