Seminars and training courses

A high level of specialist knowledge is required to successfully build structures. We support our partners in training their personnel with all the associated requirements. Up-to-date specialist know-how as well as basic and in-depth expertise are part of our seminars. On request, we can hold these seminars directly on site (in-house). Our seminars and training courses include the following subjects:

  • Mastic asphalt: Fundamentals, production, laying
  • Rolled asphalt: Fundamentals, production, laying
  • Placement training and quality assurance in road construction
  • Certification as a specialist company in accordance with § 63 AwSV (formerly VAwS).
  • General concrete technology
  • Concrete according to monitoring classes (ÜK) 2/3 in accordance with DIN 1045-3.
  • Concrete for road pavements
  • Concrete repair and maintenance
  • Waterproofing in structural and civil engineering
  • Implementation of the LAGA and Landfill Ordinance in the disposal of contaminated building materials in road construction
  • Sampling in accordance with LAGA PN 98