Parking structures

Stress on parking structures

Parking structures are subject to mechanical stresses caused by vehicle traffic. They are additionally stressed by precipitation water, including the salt and sand from the roads in winter. This moisture, in combination with the chlorides, leads to corrosion to the steel reinforcement and consequently damage to the structural concrete. In addition, damage is often caused by poorly planned or defective sealing of the traffic areas. Professional maintenance and servicing concepts, although necessary, are often neglected.

As experts for maintenance of concrete components, we provide you with additional know-how when it comes to maintaining multi-storey car parks, underground car parks and parking decks. Our annual inspections and individual maintenance and repair concepts prevent or minimise loss of use due to lengthy repair measures. We support you with the necessary expertise speciļ¬c to your structure within the scope of maintenance contracts.

In the event of upcoming repairs, we carry out the damage analysis for you together with the necessary structure inspections. In addition, we are on hand to assist you and your expert consultant when planning maintenance work. We will be happy to provide advice on maintenance work with concrete substitution systems as well as on surface protection systems, polymer bitumen welding membranes, liquid plastics and mastic asphalt. We also accompany your maintenance work, thus ensuring that the maintenance work meets applicable quality standards.

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